Subsidy offered to all airlines flying new routes from Dubbo

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dubbo City Council has resolved to offer subsidised airport landing fees to any airline proposing Regular Passenger Transport (RPT) flights from Dubbo to major ports other than Sydney.

Council received no feedback on the proposal during the 28-day public exhibition period.

Mayor of Dubbo Councillor Mathew Dickerson said the incentive had already been offered to one airline that proposed to introduce direct flights to Melbourne and Brisbane.

He said Council would also be talking to other airlines in regard to this incentive.

"Our community wants to be even better connected to the rest of the world," Cr Dickerson said.

"Council has been working hard for a long time to encourage airlines to offer flights from Dubbo City Regional Airport to major ports other than Sydney.

"Hopefully this incentive will encourage them to take the next step."

Cr Dickerson said Connect Jet last month announced its intention to offer flights to Melbourne and Brisbane.

"At the July Council Meeting it was resolved to reduce the airport passenger fee from $13.60 per passenger to $2.90 per passenger for the first 12 months of operation," he said.

Security screening fees will apply.

Cr Dickerson said Council also proposed the offer be extended to all airlines prepared to offer new services from the Dubbo to major ports other than Sydney.

Following the public exhibition of the proposal, and with no submissions received, Cr Dickerson said Council was pleased to formally endorse the offer.

The fee subsidy will be reviewed during preparation of Council's 2014/15 Annual Operational Plan, which includes the revenue Policy.

Mayor of Dubbo Councillor Mathew Dickerson, phone 0418 639 053.